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About Us

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About Us


MK Borewells is one of best borewell dealers hyderabad. Only some contractors have their own drill rig and MK Borewells is one such drill rig contractors who stood for establishing their own drill rigs. With our vast experience in the field, we stood first in the row to provide quality and timely services to our customers. We always wish to maintain a long lasting relation with our customers and give them the best we can do. We are grateful to say that our position in the industry and society is completely a reward given by customers to our great services and we are very much thankful for what we have achieved.

Our drill rig operations as borewell drilling contractors Hyderabad are started earlier with calyx rig and slow rig and now reached to latest and high pressure hydraulic drilling rigs both on the surface and in well by drilling 4 ½ ” & 6 ½ ” borewells. The drills can be dug both horizontally and vertically in open wells using 4 ½ ” tube. We also do telescopic drilling and core drilling.

Experienced Staff

Our day to day operations are monitored by MK Borewells who is widely experienced in Civil and Earth works. With a great technical knowledge and interest in the field, we found our new ways of establishment and techniques to get a wide growth in the borewell drilling field. The other motto behind the establishment of MK Borewells is providing job and shelter to many people. We feel great that we are successful in finding professional drillers and other staff members. With all their contribution to the management and mutual co-operation of technical and non technical staff has leaded us to this position in the society. Our ground water surveyors help you to assist in deciding the borewell point.

We have great experience in drilling rigs for 4 ½” and 6 ½” both on surface and in well. We dig both vertically and horizontally wells.

Our Water Experts and engineers confirms that the work is done in time and with perfection. Our expertise, experience and methods save time and money for the customers.

We have experienced and qualified geologists and groundwater Surveyors, who assist our customer in deciding the borewell point in and around Hyderabad. We also provide our expertise in installation of submersible, jet & hand pumps.


Core & Telescopic drilling
Feasibility Survey
Flushing and Rebore
Serving both rural clients